Slide Blockchain The world is moving toward decentralised ecosystems enabled by distributed ledger technology. Talk to Ryan The Blockchain Opportunity for Businesses

Supply Chain

Streamline and resolve supply chain bottlenecks through autonomous governance and programmed smart contracts and transactions.


Deliver strong and consistent governance with transparency, traceability and accountability through a globally accessible decentralised and distributed ledger.


Building blocks to realise the ideal solution given the problem at hand, and to future-proof what may be coming ahead of time.

The New Architecture

Blockchain provides a new architecture, much like TCP/IP laid the foundation for the internet in the late 1900’s.

The parallels between blockchain and TCP/IP are strikingly obviously, as both share properties of being open, distributed and shared. Blockchain is poised to dramatically decrease the cost of transactions, just like TCP/IP has revolutionised and reduced the cost of connections.


Blockchain Benefits

Some of the most disruptive-prone areas of focus for Blockchain technology in the next few years to watch, be a part of and evolve with.

Business and Industry

Energy Sector, Supply Chain.


Cryptocurrencies, Prediction Marketplaces.

Privacy and Security

Anonymisation, Secure Storage.


Reputation, Certification Management.

Internet of Things

IoT E-Business, Distributed Device Management.


E-voting, Identity Management.


Global Organisations view blockchain as a strategic priority.

(source: Deloitte)

Time to next
Bitcoin halving.

Industry 4.0 Principles

A monumental shift is taking place as Industry 4.0 and the rapid advancement of technology continues to shape the market and operational dynamics of business around the world.


Inter-connectivity is when all devices, machines, sensors and people come together and have the ability to seamlessly talk to each other in a productive and orchestrated manner.

Information Transparency

Enabled by inter-connectivity, Industry 4.0 allows for technology and cyber-physical systems to capture more data than ever previously possible; as a result creating an audit trail where more transparency is possible than ever before.

Technical Assistance

Supported human decision making through advanced data integration and insights. Autonomous cyber-physical systems to carry out monotonous or unsafe tasks.

Decentralised Decision Making

Enabled by the vast amounts of data now collected, advanced digital technology and computing will allow cyber-physical systems to make decisions and perform tasks autonomously and in a secure, tamper-proof way.

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