Blockchain and Nutraceuticals

Traceability and verifiability is arguably one of, if not the most important aspect to the nutraceutical supply chain.

Both for compliance purposes and also to build up consumer trust, recording information onto a transparent blockchain will enable tamper-proof, transparent and trusted data visible to the public and concerned parties.


2-Fold Benefit

Tamper-proof traceability and streamlining of transactions

Whilst most commonly used for traceability, smart contracts on the blockchain can also improve flow of data and streamline transactions.

Intelligent yet fine-grain controls can be built, in order to automate certain tasks, execute intelligent operations and share information whilst still concealing sensitive data. This level of automation and control can be hard to implement in traditional systems, with the biggest advantage being the reassurance of data immutability.

Supply-Chain Transparency

Consumers care about what they are putting into their bodies. A transparent supply-chain means that the authenticity is communicated through tamper-proof data.

IoT Integrations

Reliance on a singular technology is never a wise strategy as interoperability becomes the new norm. Combining the power of IoT with blockchain to yield accelerated response and streamline operations.

A.I. Intelligence

The utilisation of data stored on the blockchain to generate necessary insights and/or action operations is the logical next step. Take advantage of the verified data, together with A.I. technology to maximise impact.

Best of Both Worlds

Find out how to be transparent whilst still concealing sensitive data, the right way.