Strategist / Economist

Ryan Babbage

Ryan Babbage is the founder of Strategy Hubb, MindGo and Onstem Technology. He is an entrepreneur, a business mentor and a seed investor. His mission is to help Australians extend their businesses into offshore environments with minimal risk by attracting the right offshore partners, distribution channels and smart money networks. He advocates the use of blockchain technologies to fast track trust in certain circumstances and is a blockchain architect for industry solutions. He provides strategic advisory services under the Strategy Hubb umbrella and has been a strategic advisor for 18 years.

Follow Ryan’s social handles below to gain regular insights into business activity within the Asia Pacific and the UAE markets. For medium to large scale enterprises, the Strategy Hubb team is positioned in multiple environments across Asia and the UAE and is ready to assist with acquisitions, mergers, investments, asset management or intellectual property inquiries.

Ryan’s Area of Expertise

Improving blockchain literacy and expanding its potential across industries is where the critical strategic elements are more pronounced. Our blockchain team are highly literate on blockchain ecosystems; however, the most crucial point is knowing what to create and why. Ryan’s expertise in strategy makes sure that organisations do not spend money on products or services that do not provide value to the business.

Blockchain Strategy

The Blockchain Story

Blockchain strategies will differ for every economy as government roadmaps and incentives fast-track substantial growth, as in the instance of the UAE government policies. A focus on the most prominent value drivers will position Australian enterprises at the forefront of leading ecosystems.


International Markets

The financial markets are beginning to experience change that will be long lasting as digital currencies and cryptocurrencies become part of the mainstream financial system. Trade between countries will become much more transparent and trustworthy as distributed ledger technology removes ambiguity.

Business Strategy

Global Business Consulting

Business consulting within industry 4.0 is inspiring and highly engaging. The Australian ASX leads the way with its blockchain solution (CHESS) developed to perform clearing, settlement and other post-trade services. Discovering valid use cases for industries to build blockchains will keep proficient consultants extremely busy in the new activity era.



Coin Market Cap lists all cryptocurrencies in circulation, and CoinMarketCap strives to provide accurate, timely, and unbiased data for crypto assets. This is an excellent place to start to get a holistic approach to all crypto assets.

Ethereum Platform

The Ethereum platform has enabled a new, highly intricate ecosystem of Decentralised Applications (Dapps) are a growing movement of applications that use Ethereum to disrupt business models or invent new ones. Strategy Hubb is a firm believer in Euthereum Dapps because of their versatility.

Blockchain Australia

Finance, supply chains, law, and regulation struggle to keep up with technology, and many clients struggle to identify the proper use case scenarios for their technological advancements. Once the huddle of use case is addressed, the blockchain developed world promises a future less reliant on intermediaries with swifter transacting times and more financial payment options and trustworthy business interactions.