Blockchain for Advertising

Countering ad fraud and improve transparency, traceability and authenticity.

Billions are potentially being lost in the digital advertising ecosystem to fraud. The transparent and immutable nature of blockchain technology can intelligently utilise real-time on-chain and verifiable data to build buyer, publisher and consumer trust.


The Challenges

Blockchain has its own obstacles to overcome in order for main-stream adoption occur in the digital advertising space.

Government regulation is struggling to keep pace with the rapid development and adoption of blockchain technologies as well as cryptocurrencies.

This lag has created a level of uncertainty with regards to the regulatory environment and regulatory risks associated with multi-user / multi-organisation and cross-border networks.

Blockchains’ relative infancy as a technology also means that concerns relating to trust, interoperability and scaling are also prominent matters for consideration when architecting blockchain solutions. How can an organisation overcome these hurdles and embrace this forward-thinking and innovative technology?

Trust & Transparency

Speed up transactions whilst keeping validity and authenticity every step of the way will help build trust and prevent fraud.

Optimised Value Chain

Management of digital advertising endeavours in a more transparent, secure, and accountable way.

Efficient Incentive Disttribution

Automated reward incentives with traceability, enabling an effective yet maintenance-free way to incentivise consumers at any scale or level to optimise engagement.

The Future

The future of digital advertising is now. Explore how blockchain can help, and assess which strategies are best aligned with the application of this forward-thinking and disruptive technology.